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Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic @ eMotorcars of Florida LLC

               We are here to help!  Face Mask and SANITIZED!  Let us sell your used vehicle!

“This is the most important time for the "Used Car" industry. It is the biggest pivot we have been called to make. This downturn is like no other. If our industry and other trade partners are to thrive, our industry must evolve their current business practices.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the used car sellers to radically alter their business models! As we look at the Used Car Industry, we are making adjustments daily in all aspect of the Used Car industry. One of the biggest major change is how the 'For Sale By Owners" (FSBO) position themselves against the Covid-19 Pandemic. The "For Sale by Owners" are a major part of all used cars industry. Just look on Craigslist "For Sale By Owners" segment of the market, keeping everyone safe of Coronavirus (COVID-!9) pandemic. We invite the for "sale by owner" to let eMotorcars meet and greet the thousands of buyers weekly on their behalf!

"We want to keep you and your love ones safe!"

Delineated below is how eMotorcars has put in place practices to help keep our "For Sale by Owners" safe and secure of the COvid-19 Pandemic.

www.eMotorcarsfl.com puts you, the For Sale By Owner "FSBO" in our THINK TANK for we think we are at risk! Our Committee was to bring industry changes that have the biggest impact on protecting buyers and sellers against this COVID-19 pandemic. With lots of thought, we designed an industry BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS in a post-COVID-19 downturn:

  1. Build 1st ever manual of its kind for the energy sector.
  2. The industry will change forever this time.
  3. Allow everyone the opportunity to thrive in difficult times.
  4. Look at business differently. To come up with a Blueprint for Success it was important to understand the current situation in the BSBO Industry that we know so well!


People today who are thinking about selling any kind of vehicle themselves are now being encouraged to find an established Used Car Dealer who they feel understands the TIMES we are all in and let them sell their vehicles on "consignment" for a small fee.

Please take a look at what we found....

Stay home, stay safe! www.emontorcarsfl.com (386) 947 4366

Remember, we are all in this together!

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Stay Home, Stay Safe "Coronavirus Mandate", We GOT you Protected!

       Your Vehicle has just been   SANITIZED!                     

                    Meet Lauren our
                  Covid 19 Sanitizer


This proposal is written to address a solution that the Coronavirus is having on For Sale By Owners, selling their Vehicles. eMotorcars of Florida has now put in place, as the new NORM, to protect Sellers who care about their personal safety and the safety of others!


Anyone with a used boat, trailer, camper, motorcycle, truck, van, car or any large item that someone needs to sell and does not want to deal with having to mess with mass numbers of people can be covered by a consignment agreement. Do I meet them in the mall or have them come to my house? EMotorcars is here to serve your needs!


Today, many people are not convinced of the severity of the Covid -19 epidemic. Some people just don't get it or just don't care. Public health and safety are critical during this time period. We at eMotorcars value your health and safety.


eMotorcars of Florida LLC has recently retooled its used car dealership to meet the Covid 19 concerns head on! With all the latest tools and cleaning supplies, our staff says bring them on!

eMotorcars addresses the COV-19 problem by offering the following services:

• Free consultation with professional pricing of your vehicle • Free product pickup within 30 miles • Product daily sanitized if driven or test driven • Free Advertising with copies to you by email • Free Storage and Lot Insured • Free Cleaning • Free use of Dealer Plate during test driving • Process paper work “Title and Tag” • Process State Sales Tax Payments • Provide loans assistance • Offer Warranties on your pre owned vehicle • Provide Weekly updates • Provide you with Certified Funds after the Sale


For example, we take your Vehicle from you with a $3,000 asking price and we sell it for $3,000. You pay us $300.00 -- 10% for all of the above!

We ask that you stay SAFE, that you take care of yourself and give eMotorcars the task of promoting and selling your vehicle to the general public. For 10% of the sale, if it doesn't SELL. you pay us nothing; just tell a friend!

Contact us www: eMotocarsfl.com or call us at (386) 947 4366 Today.

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Address: 1573 OLD Kings Road : Holly Hill, FL 32117
Phone: (386) 947-4366
Fax: (386) 947-4388
Email: sales@emotorcarsfl.com